Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This year was full of accomplishments for the Kangas.

Since the start of the school year, we've learned 15 songs including a killer heartfelt mash-up to surprise our seniors at our spring concert. We established a constitution and internal government and became recognized by the university as a student organization. We had multiple members arrange songs and show off their beat-boxing skills in performances.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment for Kanga Blue this semester was the bond we'd developed by the time our concert came around. We were together through difficult scheduling, changing rehearsal techniques, losing members to heavy workloads, and struggles that a student-led organization is bound to face in developing a concrete form of government. We developed a closeness and a mutual understanding of how we want the group to grow in following years and were able to debrief and refocus our goals for next year.  We've drafted a set list, with some leeway, and discussed marketing ideas for next year as we recruit new Kangas and reach out to our campus community.

Being apart for the summer months will take some adjusting, as we've gotten used to spending so much time together making music and reinventing the group, but it'll be that much more rewarding when we're reunited in August and singing together again!